Preparing to Reach the World!

This is African Evangelist Athanasius Mutale. He is from Zambia and the Lord has opened the door for us to fellowship and partner with him in his efforts to evangelize the nations of Africa. His city of Lusaka alone has more than 3 million people and it is not nearly the largest city in Africa. Brother Mutale has a heart for these souls, therefore, won’t you join us in praying that God will bless his ministry and that people will be saved?


Mutale Family, Lusaka, Zambia




The Ronnie Tullos Evangelistic Association (RTEA), Inc is a non-profit organization. It was formed in the fall of 1991 with the express mission of winning as many people to Christ in as short a time as possible, while watching for the imminent return of Christ. Since 1987 over 55,500 people have asked Jesus to save them as a result of their outreach.

Outreach is  multi-faceted, including street witnessing, revivals and crusades.  Mission trips, Bible studies, Back-yard Bible Clubs and Vacation Bible School have also been effective.  Under the RTEA banner is the Inner-City Outreach Center, Miracle Baptist Church and The Promised Land Camp.

Brother Tullos has said that most people want to be loved more than anything else. Because of that, no one is turned away. Everyone is loved and accepted regardless of their background and people respond to that love.