City Serve/Baby “Bo”

The heat and humidity of Memphis summers is underway and that “sweaty the second you step outside” feeling is in full effect. Despite this discomfort, however, this month has been a joyful one.

We were expecting our fourth baby on June 1st and on the 11th he finally decided it was time to come. Bo William Tullos was 21 inches long and 8 lbs., 15 oz. We praise God for blessing us with a healthy baby and pray that Jesus will become Lord of all our kids’ lives when they are able to follow Him.

The other highlight so far this month has been our involvement in an event called  “City-Serve.” A group of youth from Louisville, Mississippi came for the week to serve us and our community by doing cleanup and maintenance projects as well as going out into the streets to preach the Gospel. They worked hard and showed their passion for souls and we were blessed to see 43 people profess faith in Christ. Pray that we will be able to reach all of the people from whom we got contact info. We desire to minister to them for the long run and that we will sharpen each other as these relationships develop further.

Pray also for a young man named Keewon. He was very argumentative and unwilling to have a productive conversation. We know, though, that the Holy Word shared with Him will not return void and that seed will germinate. Ask God to ready the soil of his heart to be ready when Jesus calls to Him again.

The last week of the month is the week of Merge. We would ask that you pray the Lord to send us where He wants to the people he is preparing. Thank you for your prayers and God Bless.