Promised Land Camp

A place of retreat in McNairy County, Tennessee, for Youth Groups, Pastoral and Church Staff Restoration and Intensive Discipleship.  We invite you to attend one of our monthly Soul-Winning Retreats at the PLC where RTEA equips members of the Body of Christ to share the Gospel effectively to people in their own sphere of influence and to wherever God will lead them.

Time alone with God at this beautiful site will bring peace and refreshment as well as blessed evangelism training.

For more information and to register your youth, women’s or men’s group for a Soul-Winning Retreat, please contact Beth McDaniel at

The PLC is also desined for youth groups to receive spiritual growth and life-changing experiences. The camp has a multi-purpose: To provide a safe and wholesome environment for inner-city kids, who would not otherwise have an opportunity to learn about and enjoy nature; to teach them that there are alternatives to growing up to join gangs, sell drugs or their bodies in order to survive; and to promote a drug and alcohol free lifestyle.  Precious children and youth are learning that Jesus has a better life for them! Thank you for your generous gifts in helping these kids discover the abundant life Jesus offers them.

Youth At PLC (1)

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