The Warmth of Christ’s Love in the Cold of Winter

It is officially cold in Memphis. I know there are people in some parts of the country right now who would disagree (and I wouldn’t blame them; They’re sitting under several feet of snow!), but in a city that gets as hot and humid as ours does it feels pretty cold to us. In the midst of the cold, however, we experience a warmth unlike any thing else in the universe: God’s love. The love that He demonstrated over 2000 years ago on Calvary still warms the hearts of people everyday. It can be a challenge in these colder temperatures to find people when we go street-witnessing and more challenging still to get them to stop long enough to talk to us; They’re trying to get someplace warm.

Despite the challenges, though, we go and God is faithful to lead us to those who are ready to feel the warm love of Christ. Two weeks ago Dad and I went to take some pictures of the Miracle House property and when we were opening the gate to the lot we stopped a lady walking down the sidewalk to share the Gospel. She began to have tears in her eyes as the Holy Spirit was convicting her of sin. Thanks to the Lord we were in the right place at the right time and Latricia accepted Jesus as her Lord! Our prayer now is that she will become part of our ladies Life Source group.

God is at work here in our city and we are blessed to be used by Him. We have seen 38 professions of faith in Christ already this year and most of those new believers are coming to our Bible Study. We haveĀ almost tripled in attendance to Life Source since this time last year. We are still feeding, still clothing, and in some cases sheltering people in need. Most of all though we are proclaiming the Word of God and it is changing lives. To God be all the glory!

Continue to pray for us that we will have an ever-growing burden for the lost and remain obedient to the Great Commission. There is no greater honor than to answer the call we all receive when we are born again: Spreading the Good News that Jesus saves!

Thank you and bless you,

-Luke Tullos