Victory in Jesus!

This past weekend we went to Dumas, Arkansas to work with Victory Baptist Church in evangelizing the lost. The pastor, Chris Russell, a former RTEA staff member and partner in the gospel set up the area that we worked in.. We went into a depressed area much like we see in Memphis and the response was humbling. The people we encountered happily listened to the gospel and over 40 professions of faith in Christ were made. Pray that Victory Baptist Church will be able to reach out and minister to those that made decisions. Another church in the community also expressed their excitement about the work that was going on. Perhaps they will be able to shepherd some of these new lambs that came into the fold.

Sunday morning Bro. Ronnie preached their morning message by the Arkansas River and the turnout was fantastic as many people were there camping for the weekend. The Holy Spirit blessed┬átheir time together and four came to Christ and others “did business” with God. What a blessing to see a pastor and his church so burdened for the souls of men!